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  1. Soon Come Lyrics: Soon Come / Everytime I call / They tell me that you're soon come soon come / I call you at your home / They tell me that you're soon come / I don't like hanging around / Or to be.
  2. Mar 31,  · Soon come definition, pronunciation, and example sentences on Jamaican Patwah. | Soon come - they'll be there soon, but not too soon.
  3. Soon Come Group It is these values and outlook we carry on our journey as a business in curating travel experiences, destination management, our creative pursuits, in promotion + publicity of music, culture, social voices and non for profit causes on the continent of Africa, the island of Jamaica and the only island-continent, Australia.
  4. “Soon come” is the perfect example. (The Trinidadian equivalent, by the way, is "Just now") The phrase can be used in a variety of ways. So, if the credit card company calls about an unpaid bill, your simply saying: "Ah soon come down dere wid the cheque. I going to the bank right now" may give you another day or two to play with.
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  6. Jun 04,  · “Soon come” is a brilliant display of the laid back, sometimes apathetic value of time. It means, “it will come,” and that could literally mean soon, eventually, next week, soon enough, or it might mean that enough time will pass such that you’ll forget you were waiting for something.
  7. I wait because you soon come Tell I what you're waiting for Is it bus, truck or car I-Man don't like your war I don't like soon come I checked you uptown You tell me that you soon come I checked you downtown You tell me that you soon come Don't take I for a fool Who just come at of school Don't ride me like a mule I don't like soon come I saw.
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